Everyone has a CHANCE for the future!

Why are we different from other foundations?

“CHANCE Charitable Foundation” is a group of people from various fields of activity who DO care. Our key feature is a comprehensive approach to the charity, we care for stray animals, elderly people, orphans and anyone who asks for help. In all cases and at all stages legal support is provided by our best lawyers.

Meet Anna!

Anna Ishchenko - Founder of “CF CHANCE”

Anna had spent most of her life in Ukraine but later moved to Canada, where she has been living for the last 5 years. She has always been actively involved in volunteering – help animal shelters and retirement homes. Also, she has been the co-owner of one of the largest animal shelters in Ukraine.

Anna’s husband, a Canadian businessman, supports her desire to help others. He contributes to charity by helping Canada’s largest SickKids Foundation.

With a wealth of experience, Anna returned to Ukraine. A striking example of Canada’s mechanism for helping people and protecting homeless animals became the impetus for implementing a similarly effective system here in Ukraine.

  • “Our team organized health improvement programs in sanatoriums for children from orphanages. We provided low-income families with free child screening. In addition, we have supported students in their youth projects. Today, the “CHANCE Charitable Foundation” is actively assisting homeless animals across Ukraine in finding homes abroad. To do this, they develop the concept of a shelter network and a system of accounting for such animals to further find them a home and a loving family.
  • “Second Chance” – this is the name of the shelters we are now actively building. All the animals that are brought us are examined by veterinarians, and our team provides them with food, care and, most importantly, love. Then we help them find a family abroad. Regarding the question of children’s healing, it is important not only in terms of maintaining their health, but also learning about the world at large. It’s new experiences, places, people. “For them, it is also a chance to discover a new part of themselves”,  Anna explains.For children of socially disadvantaged groups, the fund organizes free healing in the sanatoriums of Ukraine. We also continue to support student projects.“We work with various charities from Europe and Canada that help with medicines, things, and more. We inspect the received assistance, sort it, carry out the necessary processing of things and then send it to those who need it,” continues Anna.Another area of activity of the fund is transportation of sick people to foreign hospitals, where the necessary help will be provided. The search for organs for transplantation in other countries is also underway.“We understand that the level of medicine in Ukraine is still wishing for a better one, and unfortunately there is just no way to help some patients. However, the absence of such a possibility in the country should not mean its impossibility as a whole. That is why we give people such a chance”, adds Anna.
    Global objectives of “CHANCE Charitable Foundation”

    1. To establish in Ukraine an effective mechanism for the recovery of children who, due to difficult life circumstances, do not have such opportunities.
    2. For the year to do everything that the number of stray animals in Ukraine has reached a minimum.
    3. Promote the development of an effective system of laws for the protection of animals, with the support of legislators.

    We are confidently stepping up to our goal, because we are sure that everyone deserves a CHANCE!